We are individualists. We are creators.

We are lovers of design. We are friends of fashion.

We are dedicated to discovery and discoverers.

We are advocates for originality and its owners.

We are showcasing our proud findings and

We are doing it all here.


We are Precious 7.


At Precious 7, a collective of industry professionals collaborate to curate showcases devoted to designers who have discovered and developed a unique vision. For each issue, viewers can dive into a featured designer’s world through video interviews, photography, editorial and visual galleries. Unveiling their passions, their pursuits and the high-end accessory pieces they’ve come to create, artists get a chance to tell their stories and people get a chance to listen. 

Each issue remains available along with our featured designer. So enjoy and uncover the stories most precious to our hearts. And if you feel the urge, SIGN UP FOR MORE. 

Join Precious 7 and cutting edge designers’ on their journey, as the hidden gems of high-end accessories are brought to the forefront of the fashion world.