Growing Perfection



Sprung from the head of French beauty Camille Vizzavona is a growing collection of the refined and revamped. Her high-end jewelry and accessories bring the essence of Greek goddesses to the glams of Hollywood. With prestige training and an addiction to perfection she presents only the best of the best with Eddera.

“I always knew I wanted do something creative.” With a strong lineage of artists preceding her she was destined to make something beautiful. “It runs in the family” Camille explains.  Her grandmother and mother were skilled with a paintbrush but Camille was a little harsher with her hands. “I’m not as good as they are…my hands are a bit stiff, which is why jewelry was perfect for me.” 


Looking to be the best, she turned to the best France has to offer; Ecole Du Louvre.  Exclusive and beyond exceptional the school presents the most masterful classes in the art of jewelry but entrance was not so easy. 

There was a contest attended by 400 potential students and only 30 make it.

After two years of competing she was granted acceptance but getting in was the easiest part. “ Things got even more difficult. You can’t be late. You can’t miss class. They want to make sure you’re the best when you get out.” She powered through, falling more in love with the craft as she gained knowledge and experience, realizing that the school was achieving its goal. “After your loooong training you feel like you’re some kind of super-jeweler, and in a way you are.”

A super star in jewelry she craved more knowledge, looking to expand her expertise. She attended the French Institute of Gemology and even became an apprentice for mousier Adalbert Smolier, head jeweler of renowned jewelry house Van Cleef and Arpels.


With an impressive resume under her belt it was time for her to branch out on her own. “It made sense. I wanted to wear certain things and I couldn’t find them.” And Eddera was born. She reflects her Corsican roots with the name, which translates to Ivy and encapsulates the invasive beauty of each piece. A mix of vintage elements and modern jewels she concepts and crafts each masterpiece using her massive collection of skills and expertise. She finds her inspiration everywhere from the colorful landscapes of Jaipur, India to the black and white regality of old school Hollywood. “It changes a lot.” Which keeps her collections fresh and growing. 

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 12.33.41 AM.png


The hardworking Camille steps outside of design with a life of leisure and lounging. “I surf and read a lot…I research decorating ideas and collect hearts, all sorts of hearts.” She beautifully balances out her old school work ethic with new age relaxation.

A hard worker with soft beauty, she has no problem getting her hands dirty to bring the elegance of Eddera to life. With a mantra of “Everything you do has to be perfect” she presents high quality pieces with incomparable beauty, even if it takes her 200 tries.