L’art de Vivre 



A love affair with the art of living: a courtship that Daniela Busarello has long pursued. Architect by trade, she’s manifested an abundance of labors of love in fields ranging from interior design, scenography, graphic design and photography.  Wooed by the marvels of the world and mused by the whispers of Mother Nature, she’s constantly inspired which keeps her constantly creating. 


“I was born a creative being” Busarello bursts with excitement as we dive into her journey. Born of two architects, she was destined to be an artist. “ They (my parents) are both from the ‘old school’. They taught me that it’s important to design everything and to breathe design”. With these words of wisdom, she immersed herself in her crafts.   

“ Since I was a little girl, I would just draw and draw and draw. I remember making jewels on paper and wearing the paper, building doll houses and even furniture.” She quickly learned that she wasn’t content with just mapping out a design. It was important for her to lift those sketches from the page and make them dance.



She was whisked away by visions of bringing life to the inanimate. In a rendezvous with famed French fashion house, Rodier, she simulated a live action runway show within store walls with just mannequins, Rodier pieces, and unique floor and window displays. These components, along with star like lighting, worked wondrously in harmony to bring the collection’s story to life. 

With the Homemade Paradox exhibit she showcased a whirlwind of vibrant strips of leather, letting the versatility and movement of the highly desired fabric speak for itself. In another exhibit of hers, Universal Blue, she brought color to new heights. By taking deep ocean blues and incorporating them into flowing bird fixtures and floral graphics she brought the sea to the sky and the land. 



 Her explorations in interior design have been her most renowned, winning a national prize for her industrial abode amidst the Brazilian forest. Beyond the stoic, sturdy and structured façade lays the workings of a vibrant tale. Each room unfolds like a chapter of a story, with components linking each chapter to the next. A compilation of mixed masterpieces dressing each room from floor to ceiling, each space evokes an emotion. Whether it be the waterfall tiled shower or the ‘I LOVE U’ painted starkly on the white wall to the left of the piano, the house tells a story that visitors want to listen to. 

It was the transformation of fire into water.

Precious 7 is honored to be the first in the US, to showcase Busarello’s most recent work; her Mose vases. Inspired by a picture she had taken of a beautiful dark blue Laguna, she was urged to create a piece that could bring motion to the photograph. She was on her annual architectural excursion to Venice, Italy when the itch to create dawned upon her while serendipitously stumbling upon a glass blowing class. She began an infatuation with the art and immediately knew that this was the way to bring her photo to life. 

“ It was the transformation of fire into water.” Figurative in language, it encapsulates overcoming the impossible. She named the vase Mose. “Mose(s) for me is the man that lived to open the ocean to make his people pass through it. It’s the impossible that became true.” Mose, for her, was her impossible that she was able to achieve and speaks of her story of overcoming the hurdles of life. 

 “Everyday life drives me into creation; a taste, an art, a color, music, an image, the sky, the wind, a feeling a word, a book….”

Driven by a craze to create, Daniela Busarello is always on. Bursting with life, energy, experience and hard work it’s no wonder she electrifies anything she touches. Breathing life into the pieces she makes, she gives birth to beautiful creations that grow to tell their own stories, truly emanating l’art de vivre.