Enlightening us with Geometric Aesthetic

Bec Brittain Studio in Redhook



We first discovered Bec Brittain featured in Wallpaper Magazine a while back, it was love at first site. In 2011 her studio opened in the ever changing industrial neighborhood of Redhook in Brooklyn. We wanted to know why Redhook...amongst other things. 

We started the studio in Red Hook out of a need to grow. A beautiful and large space presented itself and we fell in love with the area and the community.


I love the water. Being able to look out of my studio window and see the horizon. This is the only place I have that. There is a cruise terminal close by, and watching the big ships go by is always a highlight of the day.

For me, form and function are not in competition with one another. I work from material first, with form being informed by the fabrication process. Material in this sense is not restricted to the physical. Light is material, just as much as glass or metal. 




55 Ferris Street

Brooklyn, NY 11231

+1 347 889 1366