launched its online day-time hotel booking service in New-York just a few years ago, and has seen an interesting pattern emerging from its US customers: American women are taking the initiative for romantic day-time liaisons, making 60% of all bookings. 

According to Mr. Thibauld d’Agrèves, co-founder of Dayuse, this is in contrast to the French site, where the split between the sexes is equal. “It’s an intriguing dynamic, it suggests women in the USA have a greater level of confidence and are happy to take the lead in a relationship.

It’s apparent that today’s woman definitely knows what she wants and she has no qualms about taking charge of the purse strings. It’s a well-known stereotype that women are the more thoughtful sex and so, unlike their male counterparts who may have previously opted for a more basic hotel for a bit of impromptu romance, the ladies are raising the stakes by selecting luxury hotels with excellent service and facilities, and overriding the negative connotations associated with daytime stays.

Since the launch of the website in the US in early 2012, NYC partner hotels are enjoying an additional 30 bookings per month, a figure which is on its way to triple up, as per their Parisian counterparts.

Mr. d’Agreves, affirms that his booking model is a fantastic opportunity for boutique hotel owners to achieve over and above 100% occupancy levels in the long term:  “With us, each room becomes an even more profitable asset for our hotel partners, with the potential to double up its daily occupancy, particularly in central Manhattan locations” says Mr. d’Agreves.