Brooke Taylor and Nana Aganovich are the mastermind intelligencers behind the growing legacy that is Aganovich. The elite duo, a global writer and Central Saint Martins’ graduate, swore long ago to resurrect a brand cultivated by their beliefs, no compromises or negotiations allowed. They promised to make themselves proud and that’s exactly what they’re doing, especially with their new collection: Heretics.  

Heretics was born from the Aganovich’s influential pilgrimage to Japan. After returning home with free flowing fluid silks dyed in pomegranate juice, the inspiration became clear. The pomegranate, full of religious symbolism and allegory, would serve as the story. From the crowned stem of the luscious fruit grows the collection’s Elizabethan inspiration, noticeable in the Victorian patterns that add softness to stoic medieval silhouettes. Representing rebirth and seduction, it introduces slights of sexuality through the draped layers of the pieces. Dynamic and layered, the fruit ultimately stands for both the physical and figurative interpretations of the collection.  

The Aganovich clan’s newest masterpiece unfolds like the pages of a graphic novel. Vivid and mysterious, the pieces take the viewer into the epic journey that is the emancipation of the Aganovich Empire and the succession to independence. Brooke and Nana always stood for the art of independence, that’s what they define as Aganovism. Through this collection, they display Aganovism through the strife of women’s sexual independence. Elizabeth the First serves as the launching pad, representing the Virgin Queen. As the pieces progress we see time’s metamorphosis through pattern changes and subtle stages of seduction, emulating the progression through the centuries.

The intelligence behind Aganovich stretches beyond design. Brooke Taylor and Nana Aganovich are symbologist. They’ve been fated the mission to bring to light the undiscovered beauty of the art of independence. Through their designs they’re uncovering journeys, taking us one step closer to the truth with captivatingly gorgeous style.