James Murray’s personal style is all sharp lines, clean angles and lots of black and white. He’s got a perfectly coiffed hair and we’re pretty sure his eyebrows are the definition of “on fleek”. There’s an inherent air of cool that surrounds the President and Chief Publicity Officer of Supreme Publicity so it comes as no surprise that his boutique firm is currently representing some of the best emerging talent in the fashion industry today. 

After working at the storied fashion houses of Gucci, Donna Karan, Versace and YSL, Murray finally decided to open his own firm specifically to promote the top emerging talent in the fashion industry. By using his previous experience with those major brands on his fresh talent’s campaigns, he is able to bring an elevated level of knowledge and a heightened awareness that many boutique firms just do not have.

Murray and the team at Supreme have a discerning eye when it comes to choosing clients and are always looking for the next brand with that elusive “it factor” that sets them apart from their peers. With that said, once Murray has committed his time and energy to a brand, he is fiercely determined and successful at getting the designer in front of the most influential editors, securing exceptional brand placement opportunities and building a brand’s image and future. 

He’s also incredibly sympathetic to the financial constraints most new designers are under and just as he keeps his client list small, he keeps his rates competitive. There’s a real feeling of genuine dedication to his clients in everything that Murray does. He’s built Supreme to be a well-rounded, comprehensive public relations firm that takes real ownership in its responsibility to help a brand succeed. 


Most recently, Murray and the Supreme team worked with Ev Bessar, DAMNsel and Katya Leonovic during NYFW F/W 2016 to create three truly innovative - and dramatically different - presentations and shows. DAMNsel’s show was particularly genius in both the show’s execution and the designs themselves. 

Entitled “Garmioplasty,” the show was filled with pieces that were highly tailored with innovative fabric combinations and construction methods. The concept was built around plastic surgery, with each piece containing some nod to a doctor’s pre-surgery pen, drawing breast augmentation lines on shirts and tummy tuck markings on dresses. Guests were greeted by men and women wearing scrubs and were ushered into a sterile room with a medical chart as a show program. It’s this kind of show that really exemplifies Murray’s singular vision and expertise in creating an experience to really showcase the DNA of a brand. 

There’s a definite kinship between Precious 7 and Supreme Publicity as we are both committed to promoting the talent of emerging designers in the fashion industry. We were thrilled to sit down with Murray and learn more about his background, his business philosophy and how he built his own brand to be where it is today.