It’s easy to get caught up in the constant go-go-go of New York Fashion Week. Running from one show to the next, performing the magic quick change in the back of a cab before your first event of the night and draining your phone battery before lunchtime…these every day stresses can really cause you to forget how fun it all is. It’s fashion, after all— a wonderful celebration of a creative community producing beautiful objects for us to admire. 

Its that joyful, positive sentiment that is the driving force behind InLove Magazine and their NYFW event, Fashion Destination 2016. The monthly glossy’s mission is to:

communicate passion for everything beautiful, for peace on earth, for interaction between artists, designers, entrepreneurs, and other professionals making a difference on this planet

Fashion Destination is a natural, community-driven extension of the print magazine; it’s four days of exhibitions, trunk shows, presentations and runway shows that provides emerging and established talent in the fashion industry a globally-recognized platform to showcase their work. This year, the event will take place at the Royalton Hotel in midtown Manhattan on February 7th at 6pm with an opening of Vital Agibalow’s B&W Celebrity Portrait Exhibition. The show will feature a number of Agibalow’s exclusive portraits of Manhattan’s most fashionable.

The event will also be a chance for industry leaders to discover and promote the freshest, most innovative fashion and accessory designers in New York! We’re thrilled that there’s such a forward-thinking organization is on the scene to encourage and nurture all the independent designers out there today, especially since that’s one of Precious 7’s most strongly held convictions for our own brand. A magazine after our own heart.