Namibia Expedition

by Johanna Blomstedt Nelson




Namibia is located on the southwest tip of Africa with the South Atlantic Ocean washing up along the west coast. The country is sparsely populated as most of the population lives in the country’s capital and commercial center, Windhoek in the central highlands. It is the first country to incorporate environmental protection in their constitution, which has left the country untouched and stunning.

Namibia has a beautiful terrain and one of the most breathtaking ways to explore it is to do it from above. Beginning with a hot-air balloon safari above the highest dunes in the world in the Namib Desert, more specifically Sossusvlei. This endless desert is a national treasure and not far from it is Deadvlei, a dried up valley filled with 500-year old jet-black trees. The best time to visit is during sunrise when the colors of the sun reflect down on the valley and create unimaginable colors.

Epupa Falls is another must see, an oasis surrounded by palm trees and baobabs. The assemblage of falls on the bank of the Kunene River is a habitat to multiple kinds of birds and is heaven for the birdwatcher. 

Along the mid section of the west coast there are pastel-colored plains and dunes on which over 400 shipwrecks lie. This place has been given the appropriate name, the Skeleton Coast. It is another place that is best viewed from the sky so a panoramic flight is the best travel method.

In the true essence of Africa the visit could not be complete without a wildlife safari in the Etosha National Park. The northwestern park has a rich collection of wildlife such as lions, cheetahs, elephants, giraffes and zebras and they live like kings in their kingdom. 

Namibia is a picturesque country filled with beautiful scenery that will hardly be forgotten.





Best time to go: June through October

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