We’re giving you a weekly snapshot of our latest style hunts around the city of fashion–NYC. Falling leaves and falling snow couldn’t stop us on our mission to find the latest and greatest treasures of the season–and even the season to come. 

A DAY WITH Gregory Wein

Superb NYC stylist, Gregory Wein, guided us through our first exquisite expeditions. He led us through the glimmering beauties of the upcoming Chanel haute pearl collection and gave us a preview of the Spring/Summer 2015 collections for BCBG and Herve Leger.

Fitting with Stephen F

Swedish designer, Stephen F, took us through our next haute pursuit. We met with him and male super model Alex Lundqvist for an impromptu fitting on Stephen F’s most fabulous suits–spoiler alert: you may see them very soon!

Meeting with Jgeren

From there, we liaised with Chicago based Jgeren. We discussed leather and love with the dynamic duo and even dished on some details about their leather-based line. 


Opening for Bon Jane

Lastly, we ventured to #ROOT in Williamsburg for Bon Jane’s eye-mazing exhibition. Here, we reveled amidst our favorite photographer’s stunning display of her talents, discerning eye and aesthetic artistry (you can see her work in our Renegade Cult issue).