Socialites dripping in diamonds, cameras flashing, air kisses, and legendary nightlife queen Amy Sacco presiding over it all: it was the KMO Jewelry launch party last Wednesday night at No8 and it. was. fabulous. 

KMO - a chic, modern jewelry brand based in Paris - was celebrating their recent foray into the US markets with their first ever New York brick and mortar at 251 Elizabeth Street which opened in September. 

To ensure the party packed maximum sparkle potential, each uber-influencer in attendance wore a signature, stand-out piece from the collection. Genevieve Barker, Jacque Reid, Georgina Burke, and Kim Dillinger were a few of those lucky, be-jeweled souls and we were awe-struck by the beauty of every piece. 


And we have KMO President and Global Brand Ambassador Susan Pearson to thank for both the party and KMO’s expansion across the Atlantic. A true New York woman, Pearson is brilliant, funny, charming, creative and totally ahead of the curve. With a background in accessories and nightlife make her the perfect candidate to promote the KMO brand among the style set in the city. 

In fact, it was her own personal KMO collection that sparked the idea for a New York store to begin with! After coming back to her home city to visit friends and family, Pearson noticed she continually got crazy compliments on her KMO pieces. Her entrepreneurial mind made quick work of the situation and she knew: KMO had a market in New York and she was the person to bring it to the Big Apple. And now here we are.

Yes, with Pearson and Sacco at the proverbial party reigns, the KMO launch party was a glittery, champagne soaked fete that we still can’t stop talking about.