To the left: Caroling Ericsson, Angelina Jolin, and Anna Maria Sandegren 

Stockholm can be almost scarily intimidating, what with its citizens all with model-worthy looks and catwalk-ready fashion sense. But one peek past the perfection and you’ll find a city teeming with some of the friendliest, most creative and accessible people in the world! Stockholm as a place is just as beautiful; it’s a place as easy to explore as it is to love. We sat down with Caroline Eriksson (CE), now working PR for Ralph Laurent HQ in Stockholm, and Angelina Jolin (AJ) stylist to Swedish and American stars alike. Here is what they had to say about the Swedes and their style. 

Caroline Eriksson Head PR for Ralph Laurent Sweden 

P7: Fashion is hotter than ever in Stockholm! Where would you recommend a newly-arrived fashionista to steer their shopping course?

CE: I would recommend NK, the oldest department store in Stockholm that just turned 100 years old! You can find a variety of high-end brands there. After NK, I’d recommend a nice stroll on Biblioteksgatan, it has lots of great shops. For more individual shopping, I would go to "Söder" (the south part of the city also called Sodermalm) where you can find all kinds of stores with different styles. If you like to shop vintage, Söder is great for that too!

P7: Do you see any changes in the fashion industry in Scandinavia vs. the rest of the world?

CE: A lot of Swedish brands are really aware of the environment. For example, Filippa K just won H&M’s and ELLE’s CONSCIOUS Award. They are aiming for sustainability in their clothes and want to raise awareness for the customers. Besides that, they have a vintage shop and offers rental for clothes for 20% of the original price.

P7: Describe the Scandinavian street fashion scene in 5 words.

 CE: Black, Minimalistic, Trendy, Forward, Quality

P7: Describe your style and why you dress the way you do?

CE: I have very different styles depending on the day and what mood I wake up in! I can go from very simple in black to sticking with bright colors. I love to explore different styles and can't really say that I only fit in one.

P7: Who is your style guru and why?

CE: I don't only have one style guru. I get my inspiration from the environment around me, my family, friends, people watching and traveling. I appreciate the French and Italian fashion houses who are not afraid to go the extra mile, Gucci for Spring/ Summer -16 is an amazing collection and Lanvin and Miu Miu are always close to my heart. For timeless fashion, Ralph Lauren is my number one choice. He has amazing collections each season and always keeps it classic and wearable.

To the left stylist Angelina Jolin, with Precious 7's Editor in Chief Anna Maria Sandegren

P7: What are the biggest differences between fashion in Stockholm and the rest of the world?

AJ: I think Stockholm is very cutting edge and daring in many ways, but because of the weather and the winter season being long Stockholm natives do have to adjust. Bally makes a bootie ONLY for Scandinavia because it’s so ugly! But most Stockholmers owns a pair because they keep you warm. You might have to bring an extra pair of party shoes, granny style, just because heels are almost impossible to move around the icy streets with!

P7:Working so long in the Scandinavian fashion industry, tell us about some trends you have seen, and how they have affected the rest of the fashion industry?

AJ: In the 80s, I had friends in NYC begging me to bring them HM fashion and now HM is all over making fashion accessible to everyone. I have a dress I got on sale at HM for 10 krona (12 dollars) and I have never gotten so many compliments on something! So that is a big change.

P7: What are some significant changes, (positive or negative) in the fashion scene in Stockholm? 

AJ: Now, there are a lot of minimalist clean lines from fashion labels like ACNE, Whyred, Minimarket. Stylein and Dagmar. There are also hippie chic lines such as Rodebjer,  Honky Dory, and Gudrun Sjöden, (Sweden's most successful privately owned fashion company), that if styled the right way, are amazing. I love party and cocktail designers like Diana Orving, Maria Sjodin and the Swedish princesses’ favorite designer Bymalina and Ida Sjöstedt. If you have a bigger budget, have something made by Fadi el Khoury, Lars Wallis or new talent Lamija. One negative is that very young girls have already started with plastic surgery in Stockholm which makes me sad as most Swedish girls are naturally so beautiful.

P7: 3 tips on how to dress with a flare of the “ Scandinavian style”?

AJ: For business ladies, get a jacket from Veronica Virta or a dress from Mayla. For men, Stephen-F! Get your jewelry from Efva Attling, Maria Nilsdotter, Emma Israelsson, Engelbert and Ebba Brahe, Sophie by Sophie and Charlotte Bonde. And to dress your little ones, stop by Livly for unique fashion.

P7: Shopping is hot in Stockholm. What are your favorite brands and shopping destinations? 

AJ: The best stores are JUS, MrsH and Maruschka. They are very different from each other but you can find unique gems at both. CC and Marzio make good quality shoes and the local chain Lindex has good lingerie. I love fur hats by HPI and a knitted sweater by Anna Holtblad. Get a fun watch by TRIWA and a pair of Happy Socks!

To the left: Caroline Eriksson, Angelina Jolin, and Anna Maria Sandegren